DJ Dimepiece Presents : The 2013 D.I.M.E. Women’s Conference 4/6 Chicago, IL


Renown female DJ, DJ Dimepiece “The Mixin’ Vixen” announces her latest endeavor, the 2013 D.I.M.E. Women’s Conference it be held in Chicago, IL April 6, 2013. With March being Women’s Month, DJ Dimepiece wanted to produce an event where Women of all ages can come together to network, learn and be empowered.

The acronym “D.I.M.E.” stands for “Dedicated to Inspire and Motivate Everyday”. Every woman is a “D.I.M.E.” and should strive to carry on that legacy to strengthen themselves and women as a whole.

With this being said, the 2013 D.I.M.E. Women’s Conference will hosts a series of Panels, Workshops, a Brunch, Speakers and more!

“The D.I.M.E. Conference is for us! Its time for us to be inspired, motivated and empowered! We have the power to do anything that we can put our mind to and I plan to instill that to as many women through every conference. Every woman is a DIME!” – DJ Dimepiece


We look forward to empowering YOU at this year’s D.I.M.E. Women’s Conference! Be sure to register here:

See you there and check back for more updates on the Panels, Panelists, Events and more!

D.I.M.E. Women’s Conference Staff

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