DJ Dimepiece Announces Official Keynote Speaker of the 2013 D.I.M.E. Women’s Conference



DJ Dimepiece announces on her social media networks the official keynote speaker for this years D.I.M.E. Women’s Conference to be held in Chicago, IL Saturday April 6th.  The 2013 D.I.M.E. Women’s Conference welcomes the therapist to the stars, Dr. Sherry Blake as seen on The Braxton Family Values.  Learn more about this D.I.M.E. and how you can meet her!

This years’ D.I.M.E. Women’s Conference is all about strengthening physically, spiritually and mentally.

Dr. Sherry Blake, better known as “Dr. Sherry” is a therapist to the stars. She
considers everyone as a “star” in their own right. Some are already known while
others are waiting to be discovered. She empowers and inspires people to reach
their goals in their lives. Dr. Sherry has worked with everyone from renowned
award winning entertainers to top athletes in the NFL, NBA, and the MLB. Her
work has encompassed everyone from celebrities in the entertainment, news,
and sports arena to everyday people. Dr. Sherry successfully combines a direct
style, skilled techniques, and a touch of humor to make talking with her non-
threatening. Her new book “The Single Married Woman” focuses on
empowering women as they deal with balancing multiple roles in their
relationships. Every woman even some men, married or not, who’s been in a
committed relationship will identify as they laugh and cry about issues.

Dr. Sherry earned her Ph.D. in Clinical Psychology from Vanderbilt University in
Nashville, Tennessee. She also earned her Master’s of Science Degree from
Vanderbilt after graduating summa cum laude from Tennessee State University.
Dr. Sherry believes learning is an unending process and has continued this
process with a great deal of specialty training including training from the College
of Executive Coaches.

Dr. Sherry has served on numerous Boards of Directors in the Metropolitan
Atlanta area. She has also served as the President of the Metropolitan Atlanta
Mental Health Association. She has been awarded and recognized for her work
by numerous organizations. Dr. Sherry is sought after by major news network
affiliations and radio stations including: ABC affiliate WSB-TV, FOX affiliate
WAGA-TV, NBC affiliate WXIA-TV, CBS affiliate WGCL-TV, CWK Network Inc.,
and cable news networks. She has been heard repeatedly on WJZF-Radio,
WVEE-Radio, and other radio stations. In addition to her specialty work with
athletes and entertainers, she is in private practice at Touchstone Psychological
Services in Atlanta, Georgia. Touchstone Psychological Services provides
services to children, adolescents, and adults in the area of assessments,
psychotherapy, and education/prevention. For more, visit her


Be sure to register NOW!  You don’t want to miss this year’s D.I.M.E. Women’s Conference!


See you there D.I.M.E.’s!



– D.I.M.E. Women’s Conference Staff




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